The Ruiner “Easy Way Out” Pt. 2


II.   The Round Hole

It was early in the morning but still dark out when she returned from Vermont.

Agent 34 pulled into a parking spot in the underground garage of her apartment building. This wasn’t her usual apartment. She hardly spent any time there anymore. Her usual apartment was in Los Angeles. She was currently in Newark, New Jersey. She’d been here for almost a year. She didn’t like it. No one likes New Jersey. It consistently held the top three spots on her list of top five least favorite states. Number four was Texas. She couldn’t stand those damn mega churches. Five was Florida. She didn’t know why she didn’t like Florida. She just never did.

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The Ruiner “Easy Way Out” Pt. 1


I. The Square Peg

There was nothing outwardly special about the house. It was old. It was in Vermont, and it often found itself being rented out to people who enjoyed skiing and putting maple syrup on everything. Tonight something else was going on inside. What that something was was secret, and the current inhabitants had gone to great lengths to ensure that it would remain that way.

A nameless man, who was minding his own business and at the same time guarding the rear door to the house thought he heard something but then decided he had been mistaken.

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