Ray #2


‘A Whole Lot of Shakin’

Avignon, France

A cardinal strode down an marble hallway leading to a cavernous, ornate chamber, his crimson cape snapped in time with his stride. In the center of the chamber, on a gilded throne sat a copious mound of human flesh scowling at a couple on unicycles juggling fish between them. The cardinal entered the room and stood next to the throne.

“Your Holiness,” said the cardinal, tipping his head.

The rotund mass, His Holiness, Benedict the XIII, waved his hand at the entertainers.

“Kill the male, do what you want with the female,” Benedict gurgled.

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Ray #1


A Crashing Entrance

The Kuiper Belt – Jan 6-7, 1422 A.D. (local time)

A small vessel floated between the debris tumbling through the Kuiper Belt. It’s sole occupant was meticulously turning a dial on a console with spindly fingers. A sound like a tenor bell being struck at a plodding tempo swelled through the cabin. The pilot removed his fingers from the dial and pressed one of a myriad of blinking buttons.

“This is Ray,” he said.

“Seraph Raphael, state your position, ” said a disembodied voice.

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