Page Five Ghoul



Mongolian Death Worm

As its name implies, the Mongolian Death Worm, is a worm from Mongolia that deaths. We at Saturday Evening Ghost appreciate a straightforward monster every now and then. It stalks the vast sands of Gobi desert for camels what’s intestines it can lay its eggs in. To carry out the mandate bestowed upon it by its name, the death worm uses a combination and a highly corrosive acid spray and fatal electrical charges because fuck you. It also has a predilection for the color yellow because you can’t get enough yellow in an endless, sandy wasteland.

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Page Five Ghoul: Popo Bawa


Your Tanzanian Grandpappy’s Slender Man

In Tanzania, in the mid-sixties, someone felt the need to invent a very specific and horrifying urban myth. What followed was mass hysteria, most recently manifested in 1995. Popobawa, what’s name translates to ‘batwing,’ is a small humanoid with a large eye in the middle of it’s face, bat wings (see above) and a prodigious wang. It’s arrival is marked by the smell of sulfur, poltergeist action, and ninja butt sex. Best part of all: you have to admit to your friends that were the recipient of surreptitious sodomy or Popobawa keeps coming back. Did I say the best part? It’s also a shapeshifter.

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