Message From The Editor


Greetings, Doomed Monkeys, it’s your old pal, Mort again with another world class issue of Saturday Evening Ghost. This week we have the first installment of a corker of a supernatural noir tale, some crackerjack advice from professional life coach Reverend Dr. Holmesnow, a new, spooky page 5 ghoul and more. So hang on, kids. It’s gonna be wild ride. Mononucleosis!

A Message From The Eidtor

Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s your old pal, Mort here, with the maiden voyage of the good ship Saturday Evening Ghost!

Serial fiction, horoscopes, advice, even stuff for the kiddies. You name it! Thanks for checkin’ in and be sure to check back every Saturday for new weirdness.¬†Take it from good, old Uncle Mort, you were doomed the day you got here, so have fun!¬†Mephistopheles!

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