Straight From The Fridge December 2017

Hello wisdom-teers. Where did 2017 go? I have been busy writing books, innovating the advice column industry, becoming a webmaster, establishing a Twitter initiative, and still finding time to meet with my paying clients.

I thought we’d take a look back on the journey we’ve shared together. Let us start at the beginning in order to avoid confusing yourself:

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Straight From The Fridge November 2017

Greetings, fellow agents of evolution. I know that you are aware that my evolution level is higher than yours, for your safety (you’re welcome), but that should not stop me from wishing you a happy and delightful holiday season that finds you and yours full of wisdom, mushrooms, and evolution, devoid of sleep problems, and enjoying a re-invigorated love life.

As regular readers of my column, you are surely familiar with its topics.

My first gift to you this holiday season is another episode of my pod cast “The Rev. Dr. Hugo Homlesnow’s Sonic Blast of Wisdom featuring me or my underlings.” This time, on the 4th episode, Hack-Writer T. Volpone returns to butcher chapter 3 of my masterpiece “What is Wrong With You? An Introduction to What is Wrong With You?”

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Straight From The Fridge October 2017

::::::Attention:::::: ::::::Attention::::: :::::::Powerful Announcement About to Take Place. Please grab your cleansing stones and rub your power balls.::::::::::

I, The Rev. Dr. Hugo Holmesnow, Shaman, Monk, Life-Coach, and Ultra-Violet Adult;  am about to shatter your small world with one massive revelation which shall change your life forever. Again.

When I was a child, that’s all I was. I had no title(s) before my name. My parents, for the brief time I was with them, often forsook using my name in order to refer to me as “child”. I do not count that as a title.

Then, when I was 8, I was a Shaman, then after that a monk. After that, I was a Shaman-Monk. The dash was painful and difficult to acquire. But I kept my eye on the prize. After that, more things transpired and I earned the title of Life-Coach. I was soon awarded (in exchange for a small fee) the title of “Reverend Doctor”, which I shorten to “Rev. Dr.” out of modesty. After receiving all those titles, I stopped growing my name for a while in order to focus on the needs of others.

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Wizard on Whizzin’ Sound Only Edition Presents: The RDHH Sonic Blast of Wisdom 03

This is Rev. Dr. Hugo Holmesnow’s Sonic Blast of Wisdom Series of Audio lectures as read by him or his underlings. In this episode T. Volpone reads Chapter Two of the classic self help book “What is Wrong With You? An Introduction to What Is Wrong With You.”

Straight From The Fridge September 2017

Before I give you this month’s seed of wisdom that will plant itself in your soul and blossom into a tree of self-improvement, I want to tell you about my new Twitter initiative.

My Ultraviolet Adultness has given me new artistic abilities. Abilities I have sworn to use to heal you while I also increase my reach and influence as a life coach.

If you are using Twitter, follow me @revdrhugo and every 3-4 minutes 24 hours a day I will “Tweet” out an artistic masterpiece that you will find soothing and inspiring.

Some examples are below:

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