A Primer on Zen Boozism Lesson 02

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Zen Boozeism,
It’s that time again. That time is time for another lesson in the “Primer on Zen Boozism” series. Last time, I spoke to you about the basic underpinning ideas of Zen Boozism and gave an example of a sacred Booze Wizard ritual. In this lesson, we’re going to take a step backwards and look at a practice that is not unique to Zen Boozeism but is universal to every from of mysticism currently available.

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A Primer on Zen Boozism Lesson One



Brothers and Sisters in Zen Boozism,

How is it going today? Are you doing alright? I trust that you are and that this letter finds you in both good and fermented spirits.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for enrolling in this correspondence course, “A Primer on Zen Boozism”. This course will include six lessons as well as supplemental visual learning aids which will lead you to not only a better understanding of Zen Boozism and Booze Wizardry, but of yourself as well. It is my sincere wish that you not only enjoy, but find these lessons useful as well.

Let’s start at the top by asking the question:

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