Letter from the Editor



Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. It’s time again for another esoteric issue of the Saturday Evening Ghost. Vincent Harris is back in another exciting installment of The Ruiner. Who’s the boss around there, anyway? Also in the new installment department we have a fresh off-the-presses episode of Psamurai, where an unexpected adversary appears to wreak a little mechanical mayhem. This week, A. Wizard went a long way to bring you another episode of Wizard on Whizzin. And the Page Five Ghoul kids have really dug themselves a hole, this time. All that and our sponsor for the week who’s offering newly minted adults a deal that’s sure make you forget how tedious the next 50-70 are going to be. I was an adult TWICE if you count the resurrection! So have fun, kids and come on back this time next week. Until then, pneumothorax!   

Letter from the Editor



About face, Doomed Monkeys! It’s Uncle Mort here, again. Five Saturdays in a month? It’s like we’ve slipped into another dimension. But until we get our collective grips on reality, we’ve a few odds and ends we thought you might enjoy. We have some things to keep the kids occupied, plus a brief, bonus morsel of Wizard on Whizzin,’ and I answer some of your letters. We also have a detective one shot, ‘Ed Danvers.’ And a special lunchtime offer from our newest sponsors, Blandly’s. Lunchtime? Who gets up that early? Next week we’ll be back in our normal spacetime. Promise! Until then. Epistemological!

Message From The Editor



Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s good old Mort back at ya, with another humdinger of an issue.

This week, Boozeabus brings Zen Boozism into the light of day. It’s better late than never with Merwin the Psychic Pet Pet Psychic. I’m pleased to announce we’re launching a new feature, ‘The Community Corner.’ Our own little classified section to better service our fine readers. Also another, possibly controversial, episode of Wizard on Whizzin’.

We’re sponsored this week by our old friends down at the Women’s Pants Emporium where the prices aren’t the only thing they’re cutting.

Wolf and Luna find themselves on either end of a real mess in episode 4 of The Joneses. And finally, Stephanie discovers a whole lot in this week’s Page Five Ghoul. So have fun, kids! And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Oh what the hell, go ahead, it’s the weekend. Until next time. Bromhidrosis!

A Message From The Editor


Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s good old Mort back again with another Saturday Evening Ghost. It’s a humdinger this week, kids. Take a shot with this month’s episode of the continuing adventures of Vincent Harris, The Ruiner! I hope you brought your appetite for the new episode of Wizard on Whizzin.’ It’s the version of the show with the moving pictures on it, if you were wondering. Then, the crew on Psamurai gains a new ally and a noisy new enemy. All that, then the Page Five Ghoul where Stephanie gets taken for a ride and a brand new sponsor who can sling the hash as good as dear old mom used to. Until next week, have fun! Anacrusis!

Letter From The Editor


Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s your old pal Uncle Mort here with the first Saturday Evening Ghost in April. This week we have the thrilling conclusion of Mo’ Mummies, Mo’ Problems. Then old Doc Holmesnow has some helpful tips for future contributors. Pay attention, class! We also welcome a brand new sponsor that’s singing for their supper in just the right key. Things really get cooking in an all new Crescent City Creeps. And as always, our Page Five Ghoul. So until next week. Exosmosis!