Community Corner July 29th Edition

Lost connections

Me- Wi-Fi router. You- Internet signal from the cable company. When? Last night while streaming the season premier of Game of Boners. Please strengthen your signal and try to re-connect. The bald apes are growing restless.

Me- Your wife, you- my husband who left 6 years ago to get smokes and beer but never came back. FYI the dog died.

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Community Corner June 17th Edition

For Sale

A trash bag full of bottle caps. All kinds. Metal, plastic, screw off, and need a bottle opener kind. Ask for Bobbi. I don’t have a phone so you have to keep asking people about me. You’ll find me. 6 degrees and all that.

A child. Approx. 4 moths old. Not really human looking. Kinda has a tail. Gender not clear. Spits acid. Real fast, like really fast. May or may not be venomous. Eyes a have a funny look to them. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Meet me under the bridge off 6th if you want to take a look at this thing.

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Community Corner May 27th Edition

Help Wanted and Career Opportunities

Are you a defrocked Catholic Priest? If so, you should be aware that the Transubstantiation industry has grown 200% over the last year! People of all walks of life have a need to change one substance into another via nonsensical muttering. Call now! Start working tomorrow! (Consubstantiators need not apply.) 976-555-5555

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