Wizard on Whizzin’ Sound Only Edition Ep:04


This time on WOW SOE I get to talk to world famous Shaman, Monk, Life Coach, Reverend, and Doctor Hugo Holmesnow. He says all kinds of stuff!

Also, B.F. Smith Alchemist of the Blues stops by to sing an old timey song.

There’s some other kinds of talking too. Oh! I tell ya all about tin foil hats.

This episode sponsored by Lig-a-Mintz, the only mints powered by real horse ligaments and The Saturday Evening Ghost.

Music by Ben Zoodu

Wizard on Whizzin’ Sound Only Edition Episode 03



Hi, This time on WOW, SOE I talk to A. Witch about something, Merwin stops by to tell usĀ about what it’s like being a pet psychic, I talk about ghosts and tell you why sweat pants are the worst. Also, Samurai Rob calls in to talk about podcasting and Merwin.

Theme Music by Ben Zoodu

Sponsored by Gril Scout Troop 436’s were wolf hunt & The Saturday Evening Ghost

Check out Samurai Rob’s pocast here

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