Boozeabus’ Epiphany Benediction


Brothers and Sisters in Zen Boozeism,

Even though every day is cause for a celebration of some sort, this day, January 6th, is a little bit more so special than most.

What is so special about this January 6th you may be asking?

Firstly, it’s a day, and that’s cause enough for celebrations, as previously mentioned. Secondly, it’s a holiday, which is a day of even special-er importance than usual and which we also mentioned.

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Page Five Ghoul: Popo Bawa


Your Tanzanian Grandpappy’s Slender Man

In Tanzania, in the mid-sixties, someone felt the need to invent a very specific and horrifying urban myth. What followed was mass hysteria, most recently manifested in 1995. Popobawa, what’s name translates to ‘batwing,’ is a small humanoid with a large eye in the middle of it’s face, bat wings (see above) and a prodigious wang. It’s arrival is marked by the smell of sulfur, poltergeist action, and ninja butt sex. Best part of all: you have to admit to your friends that were the recipient of surreptitious sodomy or Popobawa keeps coming back. Did I say the best part? It’s also a shapeshifter.

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