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It’s A. Wiz talkin’ to ya. To celebrate one whole year of doing what we said we’d do (publish stories and related nonsense every week no matter how much it hurts.) we’re giving away ebook copies of all our 2017 annuals. For the next few days, our e-books will be free on Amazon. You can just go download them, right now.

Crazy huh? I know you might be thinking “Why would you try to sell us stuff you put on the internet for free?” That’s a grat question, which has already been answered by the brand new SEG Gift Shop.

Here’s the answer:

We know, we know- why would you pay for stuff you can read for free on the site?

Well, we’ve been thinking about it too and came up with a few reasons:

  1. The annuals have fewer typos and have been lightly edited to give them that down home, sense making vibe that many readers enjoy.
  2. Your purchase helps support the SEG. We all know what the world needs the most right now is serialized olde timey pulp style fiction mixed with sophomoric attempts at humor and parody.
  3. Some people enjoy holding books made of paper.
  4. There’s no accounting for taste.

There ya go! A reason. Here’s the links to all the free stuff. Hope you like them:

Ray 2017 Annual

Crescent City Creeps 2017 Annual

The Adventures of Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam

The Joneses


The Adventures of T.J. Washington, Discreet Detective

The Ruiner

The Virgil St. Frankenstein 2017 Omnibus (Ray, CCC, Psamurai, and The Joneses )

The Page Five Ghouls 2017 Annual

Also, the works of The Rev. Dr. Hugo Holmesnow are free. Be sure to check out:

What is wrong with you? An introduction to what is wrong with you.

Conquer your dreams. How to conquer your dreams and accomplish your goals instead.

That’s a lot of free stuff! Thanks for reading. We’re looking forward to another year of silliness.

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