Letter From the Editor August 5, 2017


Guess what time it is, Doomed Monkeys! It’s time for another round on me. On tonight’s menu we have another enchanting adventure of Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam. Sacrifices are made in this month’s thrilling episode of Ray. Stella’s here to get your month started off right with her Stellar Forecast, and as always the Page Five Ghouls are battling back with this week’s offering. All this is brought to you by the latest e-book setting Kindles on fire with the new scorcher from Alexis Steele, author of Dinosaur Carried In My Groceries and Muscle Bound Day Care Attendants. So until, next time, kiddos: Armadillidiidae!

Author: Mort

Not much is known about Mort. He’s a skeleton who runs a magazine.

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